Bulk BoyZ™ your junk removal company,


Our Fleet - with a large fleet and experienced service teams, we take away almost everything. Our specially trained personal have all the appropriate equipment with them to take on any job: freezers, fridges and every other large appliance, no problem! Electronic waste, mattresses, furniture, garden waste, construction and renovation debris. 

What We Do - If you have junk we can look after not only the removal, disposal and general area clean up, but also the recycling. Some of our customers include apartment buildings, schools, institutions, condominium management corporations, businesses and of course residential homes.

Waste & Schedules - we look after any non-hazardous waste material and provide same-day collection service; call today for your immediate needs or schedule an ongoing waste service for your business with a known generating pace.

Recycling for a Greener Earth - we are huge on recycling that's why we are Readers Choice Award Winners for 3 consecutive years, not only in the Junk Removal Category but also the prestigious Recycler of the Year Category, Bulk BoyZ is proud to provide outstanding service to all our clients and these awards you voted for are a testament of our daily efforts.

Scrap Metal is not waste - but a value back commodity, we work to make money for our customers through recycling of every type of scrap, a great way to offset your waste bill and be an eco-hero.

Charities & Associations - we work closely with and support many charities and other organizations by providing them free of charge with collection equipment and mobile depots, these in-kind services assist them in successfully generating much needed income for many essential community projects. We encourage you to use the many recycling depots they provide from paper to scrap metal and electronics collection. This is just one way we are giving back to the communities we service every day.

Property Management Firms - Bulk BoyZ works hand in hand with property management companies to develop sustainable work plans which are easy for everyone to participate in, with attention to every possible detail, surprised! We listen to our clients needs and understand there are No Fit All Solutions, call us and find out what this might mean for your firm.

Green Solutions - thousands of waste and recycling customers have realized the benefits of our Simple Green Solutions, we offer an array of collection methods for every situation or available space, we are glad to discuss these many choices and endless possibilities with you, call us today and speak to a sale representative to find your perfect fit.

Service Plans - Bulk BoyZ removing the things you don't need and developing work plans for a sustainable waste and recycling collection environment. This is an important part of the process as everything requires planning when it involves so many different aspects to be fulfilled, some of which can be time sensitive service requirements, generated waste volumes and recycling material types, nothing is too big or too small not to deserve our absolute best service.

Free of Charge Consulting - Attention Property & Management Companies, Looking for a service change, contact our sales department today, we visit your site, evaluate all your service options and provide real customer references for you to speak to. You won't believe what they have to say about the BoyZ.




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