Junk Removal Pricing & Fequently Asked Question

Save up to 25% on a Full Truck Load

Bulk BoyZ pricing schedule takes the guess work out of the term “Truck Load

1/4 Truck, 1/2 Truck, Full Truck we still come to your location so our quote is accurate and there will be no extra charges 


Frequently asked questions?

How many items will fit in a 1/2 or full Truck Load? Depends on how well its packed and What Type of items

Can I schedule a service anytime? Yes just give a quick call to our dispatch office 1-877-910-2929 to make arrangements, but we don't offer Saturdays or Sundays 

What type of waste can I dispose of? Only solid non hazardous waste will be accepted

Are any items considered to heavy? No we make arrangments to send the crew to your site that can handle the job with the required equipment on board, no worries

Does Bulk BoyZ recycle items that are collected that can be? Recycling is the most important part of our service model, that's why Bulk BoyZ for 4 years consecutive has been named Recycler of the year In Halton by Readers Choice Awards

Do I need to help load? Never, we do all the work and clean up the area afterwards

Does this service work better then a dumpster container brought to my home or location? Yes, because you don't have to do any of the loading, this method is very assistive to the unable or disabled, no dumpster is taking up space in your driveway or left unattended for others to use, best of all all your waste materials and items are gone the very same day

What if I have a lot of junk to cleanup, what happens? No problem we work around your schedule and the size of the clean up. Our Trucks are more than 25% bigger then our Major Competitors or we can send a second truck and get it all done the same day

Just the Size of Our Truck will Save you $$$ on a Full Load. On average our 18 Foot Truck will hold 30 large items, that would Save you 25% over our Major Competitors with small trucks


Bulk BoyZ Pricing Includes Everything, No Hidden Fees

The goverment tax HST will be extra


For smaller arranged pickups please have all your waste items outside or in front of the garage to qualify for the following rates

Item Pickup Service Hamilton, Burlington, Grimsby Pricing

1 to 2 Items pickup $49.99

3 Item pickup $69.99

4 Item pickup $89.99

5 Item pickup $109.99

For each additional item following 5, please add $10.00 per

To Our Valued Quick Service Customers there is a $50.00 Liability Fee to Remove any item from inside your home or business on the dock or just inside a rollup door is okay, for an explanation of these details please feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you

One phone call can really take care of all your waste and recycling needs, what are you waiting for 1-877-910-2929 (away)


 CLEAN UP, Call Today For Junk Removal Service